Porsche 911 (993) [1993-1998]

With a production life of only six years, the 993 had the honor of being the last of the 911 air-cooled. That is why for many it is still the essence of authentic 911.

One of the technical features of this 993 model is its chassis, first built entirely of aluminum, improving their level of agility. Although this model was available in the Carrera, Carrera 4, Carrera 4S and Targa (the latter with electric glass roof that slid under the rear window), there is no doubt that the Turbo version of the 993 has been the one that has made a difference in the evolution of the Porsche 911.

It could be said that the most impressive Porsche Turbo with rear spoiler in history was equipped with a biturbo engine for the first time, lowering the emissions of his 1995 contemporaries. In addition, another innovation of this model were aluminum wheels hollow radios, incorporated into the Turbo AWD version.

Despite being sold only from 1993 to 1998, today it is one of the most sought models in the history of Porsche, even more than its predecessor and its successor. In 1998, the 993 received a major update in its engine, from a 3.6 engine with 430 horsepower, to a one with 450 horses.

The Turbo model was a legend, but there was an even more sporty version: the GT2. This version was addressed to all those who want the maximum performance on the track. That is why we can talk about that model as a utilitarian approved as street racing.

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